Bloom for Students

Learn faster, remember more and share insights

Keep track of your learning

Finally close down the thousand tabs you’ve been keeping open, just in case they come in handy.
Bloom gives you an easy way to capture your thoughts while reading content online, and keeps everything in a central place that you can refer to later

Bloom helps you organise the content you read/view for your studies, saving things for later and letting you get back to them when it suits you

It couldn’t be easier:

Take notes and derive insights

Capture your thoughts while reading online, keeping everything in a central place where you can easily refer to it later

Bloom lets you annotate content you read online. Use highlights, comments and notes to capture your thinking, start writing parts of your essay as it comes to you and refer back to it all any time you need it.

It couldn’t be easier:

Share & discuss with other students

Share articles with your notes, ask questions, highlight the important bits, understand how others understand or interpret things and learn from their insights

Bloom turns your study content into a discussion board allowing you to share your thoughts, ask and answer questions, and develop your thinking with other people.

It couldn’t be easier: